Wednesday, December 8, 2010


When I asked Brandon Hardison what he thought was the most pressing problem in today's salesperson, he said "Dave, It's So Simple"  I asked him what he meant by that and what I heard next really excited me.  I requested for Brandon to become a Guest Blogger.  Thankfully, He agreed and this is what he said:
          It has always seemed to me that the car business, and I think any business, is so fundamentally simple that many people fail at it.  I think our business is so simple that we look at it and say, “well, it can’t be that simple-it has to be more complicated,” and we proceed to make it more and more complicated because we think it just can’t be so simple.  So the end result is often failure because we ignore the simplicity of success!

       My point is that success is simple; it doesn’t have to be very complicated.  Take care of people, give them a good product, good price, good service, treat them as you would a good friend by keeping in touch, and they’ll come back and buy cars again and again and tell their friends to buy too!  It’s so simple!

                                         --Brandon K. Hardison

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