Saturday, December 4, 2010

How Critical is the Follow Up?

     Over the years I have noticed Salesperson After Salesperson FAIL in this one little item we like to call "Follow Up".
What do you think the reason is for this?

Do you think that it has to do with "Fear of Rejection" or are the Salespeople just not motivated enough to pick up the phone, get away from ALL of the Gossip, and stay focused on what they are paid to do?

      I don't really know the answer to this but I thought that this might provoke a little thought and maybe a little shift of mindset in some.  You see, I have heard year after year and day after day the SAME EXACT REASONS FOR NOT CALLING THE CLIENT BACK.  I have heard "I don't want to bother the customer", " I don't want to harass the client", " I just tried to call them yesterday and I feel like I will bother them or they will think I am pestering them"?


     Are you not in the business of sales?  Is your primary role to deliver product?  Is your primary role to SELL a service or an item of value?  Do you REALLY think that "Your" Client is that "LOYAL" to "YOU" that they will contact you when they are ready?

  C'mon folks...Get your heads out of the sand and realize you are in a highly competitive market and the Brutal Reality is:

<span>  If you don't call on your customer...Someone else will. </span> To sum all of this up I have one thing to say and EVERYONE I know has heard this at one time or another...

The Fortune is in The Follow Up!


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