Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Acknowledge the Client!

Hey Folks!

I want to talk today about one of the most important (if not the most critical) and often mishandled, part of the sales process. This is Acknowledging the Client in a timely fashion. I wouldn't necessarily say that you will lose a deal if you mishandle this...however, it makes it a lot more difficult to overcome any objections you have if your client feels ignored.

How often do you go into a store and find that you walk around for (what may seem like an eternity) 15 minutes or so, before anyone speaks to you?

It may not seem that important to you, the employee, but it is actually very important to the client that is not being helped. Now, Acknowledging the client may not be just on the storefront, it may also be on the phone, internet, chat, etc... Whichever your business tends to operate.

I would like to say that in order for the Sales Person to Client business relationship to get off on stable ground...free of negative feelings from the client, this must be done quickly and effectively.

Ask yourself this week if you are doing ALL that you can do to Acknowledge the client in a time efficient way. More details on how to effectively handle all of this coming soon in our virtual training program!

Have a GREAT Week!



Monday, November 29, 2010

Do you Fear Change?

  This is one question that I have pondered ALL of my life.  Everyone and I mean Everyone is uncomfortable with change.  I really don't know why that is or why the Human tendency is that Change IS BAD.
     You see... Without Change, One cannot grow, Without Change One cannot learn and without Change, one will ultimately become stagnant.

     So I challenge you to this:  The next time change happens...Embrace It!

     It will help you become a better person and will help you learn more about life and that is what Change is all about.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

What in the world is going on in the marketplace?

     This is a question that I continue to hear over and over again throughout the automotive industry.  "We had a great month last month but now... it's as if the water faucet dried up." It's as if the customers choose to stay at home and not come into the store.  I hear everything from the salespeople (who LOVE to make excuses for their personal numbers) to the ego maniacal General Managers (and Sales Managers) who BLAME everybody in their organization except for themselves.  I say this to ALL of you folks in the industry that just don't get it:  "The reason your sales have dropped off is because you aren't doing what you did last month."  I know, I know.... I hear it ALL remember?  Let's do a top five excuses (only because these are fresh on my mind, Please feel free to share excuses that you hear... It's always fun to listen to others):

     5.)  It's because of Black Friday

           Not true because I know dealerships that have incredible days by embracing the day after Thanksgiving

     4.)  It's raining outside

           Really?  I know for certain that when a client shows up at the dealership on a rainy day... They usually mean business.

     3.)  It's too cold outside

           Absurd... Really Absurd.  The number one reason for not getting a proper management introduction is because the salesperson cannot seem to figure out a way for the client to come inside... Please think before such statements are made...

     2.)  It's because of Football on Friday (High School) and College Ball on Saturdays and don't forget Monday Night Football.

            With most dealerships being open only 6 days a week this LOGIC actually means that you will lose half of your work week during football season.  Really?

      1.)  It's because there are too many dealerships in this town.

              Let's stop kidding ourselves for a moment.  It's not the fact that there are too many dealerships in this town it's because you don't do the proper things that are necessary to make yourself successful.

     I want everyone to bask in this for a moment and think about what you can do to make a difference in not only your career, but also ask yourself how you can help someone else in your organization reach their full potential.