Thursday, December 2, 2010

What is the Secret to an AMAZING Start?

Hi Folks!

This is the SECRET to Selling more and having less resistance. This is the absolute difference between taking the RED Pill or the BLUE Pill as we ALL have seen in The Matrix. It is a Decision that you and only you can make. The decision is the most difficult part of this process and even harder to live out.


That's it. Plain Talk is Easier understood anyway... In order for you to break the ice easier, have less resistance, and to sell more... You have to make the Decision to SMILE with every client...every day...Without fail...No matter what is going on in your Personal life.

The client is coming in to the storefront with these two reasons in mind... to either purchase an item or they simply would like to gather more information on an item. Either way you will not get very far with a frown or just overall bitterness. Stop the sarcastic comments (Nobody likes them anyway) and SERVE your client with All of the information they need. The only way any client is going to purchase something anyway is if they have compelling information that shows them why they need your product... So SERVE your client with a SMILE!

More to Come!


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