Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are you Available?

I know it's a simple question, and a simple question indeed. But do you know exactly what I mean by "Are You Available"?

What I mean is very simple and it is a simple as it gets. What are you doing to make certain that you are available for your clients on their schedule, and not yours? It could mean the difference in whether or not you make yourself a very lucrative career in sales or just an "average" one.

When I discuss Serving your clients, I mean just that. Everyone has a schedule and everyone has things that they "need" to do and I completely understand that aspect of your life. But please don't forget that one simple thing about sales... If you aren't available for your clients then somebody else will be. I encourage you today to go after sales like you never have before. Try it and see...Be available when your clients need you, and see if your sales not only improve, but watch also how your sales will soar.


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