Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

So you have a Don’t you want something NEW and Better? Of course you do. Okay, so what’s next?

To make more money

The first thing you have to do is decide on what you want this year. Brainstorm with yourself and your loved ones to understand what better looks like. Then put these goals in writing. You are just kidding yourself if you don’t. Your goals should include designing a lifestyle that is worth living. Just earning a living sucks! Design YOUR life! 

  Write a work plan to make it happen. Set goals for both income and outgo. That’s right. Make plans that 
  are bigger, better, and more fun than last year—better than ever! 

Don’t live with regret. Plan your business vehicle sales and income to meet your opportunities for a better personal life. Do it now. Don’t procrastinate again like last year. Get up, dust yourself off (from the broken promises and dreams of last year)  and start dreaming the lifestyle you want. What are the things that would motivate you to higher sales and more fun?

New boat – Caribbean vacation – new piano – buy vehicle - hot tub – new kitchen – pay off debt – college fund – help out a family member – support a child starving in your community,city,state,America or the World – build a new home, put money on a course that works for you as an investment.

There is no business like the automotive business to increase your income. There are no income limits but those you place upon yourself. So take the blinders off. Leave past sales and lifestyles in the past and look at your life again.

What is missing? What would you like to do or have that only a little more money would buy? What places in this world have you not been to yet? Put them on the list and make the trip. You get the idea. Think big, better, exciting more FUN!

Do the math.
Take last year’s income and increase it by whatever it takes to achieve the lifestyle you want for your family and yourself. 

Let’s say the increase you desire is $10,000 more than last year.
You divide $10,000 by your average commission last year plus $30.00.
You divide that by 12 for the monthly sales target required.
You divide that by 4.3 for the weekly sales target required.

Guess what? The extra sales to increase your income this year is well under an extra sale a week. Probably only about ½ a sale a week. You can make that happen. Of course you can. 

Make your action plan right now. 

You already know what it takes to make what you did last year, so write down what you have to do better this year to make an additional half of a sale extra a week.
The keys to success for 2011.
·         Demo more, talk less.
·         Drive first during the presentation drive and sell the vehicle with more excitement
·         Meet and greet your customers more quickly than the other guys and gals.
·         Be more prepared to handle aggressive customers. They are ready. And they buy quickly
·         Increase your sales skills. Brush off the old training notes from my training classes or my weekly newsletters
·         Follow-up walk-outs better. Get their cell, work and home phone numbers in that order.
·         Ask for the business more often, even when you don’t think they are buying.
·         Increase your negotiation skills because you are not as good as you should be.
·         Work your Contact Management System to the maximum every day.
·         Get your sales manager’s involved early in the sales process – don’t (lot drop) or (burn through up’s)
·         Buy coffee for your sales manager more to get house deals. (Just kidding.)

 Get writing your Action Plan. Review it with your sales manager  to get feedback and ideas and support for your efforts. He or she will encourage you and help you keep on track for your personal goals.

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