Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Can't Believe I Just Heard That!

     As I was in this dealership today doing some consulting services, I heard an employee say something that really made me think.  I would like to add that this statement from the employee did not make me think in a positive way either.  In fact, what this person said really made me wonder... why is that person even here at work. 

     Now before I get to carried away let me just tell you EXACTLY how this statement went down and I will let you be the judge.  I was at a dealership today doing my rounds and I walked up to this employee and asked him how he was doing.  He said, "I'm ready to go home."  I proceeded with "Why is That?" and he says, "You know actually, I wanted to go home from work before I even came in today." 

     What do you think?  How would you respond? Do YOU ever think this attitude and instead of saying these completely ridiculous and absurd words to someone, you behave in a way that is as insane as this?  The fact is folks that when you go to work You FEEL better when you are doing something productive.  You FEEL better when you are thinking the right thoughts.  You PERFORM better when you are following your process and doing what you went to work today to do.  You PERFORM better when you think great thoughts.  You SELL MORE when you have the right attitude and because you have the right mindset and right attitude...YOU MAKE MORE MONEY.

     This is No Secret At All!  This stuff has been out for ages and the same basic principles work every single day if applied.  Let's face it, every day something is going to happen that may affect your attitude or cause you to think in a negative way.  It's not if something is going to happen, it is when.  How you react to the controversies of life and how you keep your thoughts in check will determine how successful you are and how successful you will become. 


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