Friday, January 7, 2011

Did You Make Your Appointment?

   It was about lunch time today when this question popped into my head.  I was having lunch with a really good friend of mine whom is a veteran of the car business of about 17 years.  It has been a while since we have had the opportunity to catch up and as I was  listening to him tell me about his recent frustrations with his GM, my mind started wandering.  Now I know exactly what you are thinking, what kind of friend doesn't listen to what a "really good friend" of many years is saying?  First and foremost, he was rambling on and on about something negative that neither he nor I can control or change.  Not to mention that whenever ANYONE around me starts exhibiting NTTB (Negative Trash Talking Behavior), I quickly tune everything out.  I wouldn't want the NTTB infection to set in.  Secondly, I had bit into something that had messed up a temporary crown and I remembered (HEY, Why Didn't I Make That Appointment At The Dentist Office?)

     Then of course my mind immediately went to a topic that I want to discuss on my blog and here we are.

Why don't more professionals set appointments every single day?

Why do so called professionals choose to exhibit NTTB instead of working on ANYTHING that pertains to the delivery of a new or pre-owned automobile?

  Let's do the math together and figure out why "professionals" choose to sit around the coffee pot and watch the time fade away versus doing the right thing by setting appointments.  If a professional makes enough Follow-Up calls everyday and are totally focused on setting appointments, that particular salesperson can and will make at least 1 appointment each and every single day.  Let's take a 5 day work week (I know that some of you HORSES out there actually work more...but humor me on this), In a 4 week period (1 month), you will set 5 appointments each and every week.  With the closing ratio on appointments being much higher than a traditional "Walk-in", you will have a better chance of having a deal by working your clients this way.  For example, if the closing ratio on true set appointments is between 60% and 80% (Depends on which statistic you utilize), you will sell 12-16 units per month just by setting 1 appointment every single day that you are at work.  Most unit bonuses that I have seen over the years start at 10 unit sales per month and by utilizing this simple formula of 1 appointment every single day, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor quickly.

     There are many different ways to set appointments and we will talk about the most effective way to set an appointment in a blog coming soon.  Until then remember, An Appointment A Day Equals a Pretty Nice Pay Day!

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