Sunday, October 17, 2010

Follow-Up: The Key to Success

I wanted to speak with you today about the topic of "Follow Up". Just so you know exactly what "Follow Up" is, it is something that we in the sales arena call... "Following up with the client" after they have left your place of business.

Most Salespeople believe that their "Closing Abilities" are so good that they do not have to follow up with the client and throw the clients, that do not purchase from them, out with the bath water. They figure that the client was unrealistic, not serious, out "kicking tires", blah, blah,blah.

The Reality is that most salespeople do not follow up with their clients out of fear or just plain laziness. They fear the "unknown". Whether the client didn't care for that salesperson or that maybe, just maybe, the client already purchased a product from the competition, and then that salesperson would be faced with lots of "self-doubt" about their ability.

I can personally attest to the fact that I have had several hundred clients over the years Thank Me for calling them back because out of the many different competitors that they had been to...Guess What? They had NEVER EVER contacted them again!

Follow Up IS the Key to Success and to get you started here is one idea:

Make the Phone Call!

This is the one that has personally made me sale after sale over the years. I have also heard over the years from the salesperson that "I don't Know What to Say", or "I don't want to bug them." Let me tell you a little known secret: When I first started doing this...I didn't know either but I knew that every single time I picked up the phone to call a client, I was one step closer to a sale. Whether it was that client or not.

So what if the client did purchase a product from a competitor? At least you know and can move on to the next client. What if YOU are the only Salesperson that actually called the client back? Do you think that you might have the better chance because you have shown the client that you are really interested in them and their purchase with you?


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